A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer

“Customer is king.”  So goes the business saying, anyway.  In most businesses, the customer alone is the king of the world.  In our café, however, we see ourselves a bit more like a democracy.  As we see it, our employees are our President and Vice President, which makes our customers their Cabinet members.  Just like a good president, we love hearing your feedback and advice, and we will always try to use your suggestions.  Strong customer support is vital to our success and, most importantly, to the success of our employees.  They are the reason we are here (and don’t worry, you guys come in at a very close second-place).

We were over the moon to see lines of eager customers out the door after our Grand Opening!  What a wonderful experience for our employees, to see the mountains of support from their community.  Those mighty mountains of people have weathered into still-impressive foothills today, but our support remains strong.  We love when you pop into the café for that morning coffee or a mid-day muffin and hot chocolate.  And who can say no to some after-dinner ice cream?  (Or a breakfast of Golden Crunch ice cream with cereal pieces, we don’t judge!)  Above all, we love learning your name and favorite flavor of ice cream after you make a few return visits.

It’s such a warm, fuzzy feeling to step up to the counter and see that your mocha latte with oat milk is already being made.  (And that warm feeling will certainly increase after you take a sip.)  We take care of our customers, because we know you take care of us.  New customers are always a wonderful gift, but our repeat customers are our beating heart.

Written by Ian Miller, Marketing Associate for Golden Scoop

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