A Jolly Good Time of Year

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Have you been a good boy or girl this year?

It’s Christmas Day and Santa made the rounds last night, bringing good cheer and mirth to all — and taking a bite or two out of a delicious Christmas cookie along the way.  Who wouldn’t want a snack after all that hard (possibly time travel-assisted) work?  Seriously, how does that jolly, white-bearded man visit billions of people in a single night?

Temporal shenanigans aside, I’m glad he did, because now I (and you!) get to enjoy a bounty of presents under the tree!  According to a recent poll, over 60 percent of families in the US opted for an artificial tree this year, but I don’t think the big-bellied man minded.  As we feverishly gather to turn the living room into a wrapping-papered wasteland, we should pause to consider the true meaning of Christmas — and that’s the Christmas lunch (or dinner) that will soon be gracing our tables.  Oh, and the family members gathered around us, of course!  But especially that delicious glazed Christmas ham and the sweet potato casserole with caramelized marshmallow topping….  drools

Kidding aside, today is a special day for family, food, laughter, and good cheer.  It’s especially important for the littles.  As my niece Ruby plays with her new giant stuffed bear, I know some of that Christmas joy comes from knowing she’s safe and loved, even if she’s too young to articulate it yet.  I enjoy buying her presents and enjoy seeing her happy even more.

I guess that’s the true meaning of Christmas.  It’s not about the presents; it’s about the people who bought them for us and why.

Written by Ian Miller, Content Marketing Specialist for Golden Scoop

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