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If you’ve stopped by the Golden Scoop café recently, you’ve probably seen artwork on the walls.  Overland Park painter Matthew Breedlove’s abstract paintings are capturing the city’s heart.  Matthew has been creating beautiful and fascinating artworks since the age of seven years old.  His grandmother is an artist herself and got Matthew into painting nearly as soon as he could hold a paintbrush.  His unique paintings help Matthew express his emotions.  “The [shapes] help me show my feelings and let people know what is going on in my brain,” he says.  Of his source for inspiration, he says, “I paint whatever is in my brain, it just comes out.”  I asked him why he chooses to paint in an abstract style (think Picasso) and he said, “The shapes and colors are what is in my brain.”

True art often exacts a heavy price on its creator, either internally or literally: Mathew’s mother says that the canvases on which Matthew paints cost over $200 each.  Looking at the finished product, it certainly seems worth it.  It takes Matthew between a few days and a few weeks to complete a painting, depending on its complexity.  He says he doesn’t have much formal training or education in painting, just experience and his grandmother’s mentoring.  Matthew says he did take a few art classes in school, but most of his becoming a seasoned painter has come from figuring things out on his own.  He’s tried several different techniques in the past, such as watercolors and some oil paints, but he prefers using acrylics for their more vibrant colors.  Matthew uses brushes, as well as pallete knives, to create his artwork.

Matthew doesn’t get much criticism of his artwork, but when he does, he says he doesn’t let it bother him.  He says he rarely takes commission when creating his works.  “It’s not how I usually work, but I have done it for special people or occasions,” he says.  Asked what advice he would give to aspiring painters, as he once was, Matthew says, “Be yourself.  Paint what is in your heart.”

If you are interested in purchasing one of Matthew’s paintings, his website is www.matthewbreedlove.com.  He is also on Facebook as Matthew’s Art, and on Instagram as @BreedloveArt.

Written by Ian Miller, marketing associate for Golden Scoop

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