Cool Off From the Heat at Golden Scoop!

It’s the middle of summer and it’s hot!

Looking at the thermometer right now, I see it’s 99 degrees outside right now!  I’m glad I’m inside in my comfortable apartment sitting at 70 degrees with the air conditioner running.  For those of you outside today, make sure you drink plenty of water and other hydrating fluids (did you know that milk is more hydrating than water?  It’s absorbed slower by your stomach.) to stay safe!

Whether you’re at the pool or the beach (lucky!), there’s no mistaking that we’re entering the hottest part of the summer as we roll into July.  By the way, enjoy the fourth of July!  It’s on Tuesday, so I hope you’ve got your hamburgers already; the lines at the grocery store would be a killer right now.  Trust me, I used to work a cash register at a grocery store: the Fourth of July, Black Friday, and the week before Christmas…gah, I’m having flashbacks….

Anyway, to snap out of it, I should go grab some ice cream!  Golden Scoop is serving our delicious ice cream this weekend (though we’ll be closed on Sunday in preparation for the holiday), so come grab some!  We have iced coffees, too!  Hey, you could even combine them into an affogato!  That’s an Italian dessert that combines espresso and ice cream, served right here at Golden Scoop!  Traditionally, it’s made with vanilla ice cream, but you can use any of our flavors!  I think it’s best with Charlie’s Chocolate, but it’s wonderful with our coffee ice cream, as well!  (Duh! Double the coffee!)

Beat the heat with cold ice cream (and/or an iced coffee)!  We’re open and ready to serve.  (Just a reminder: We serve pints and quarts of our favorites, so you can grab your holiday dessert, made fresh right here in the store!)  See you at the café!

Written by Ian Miller, marketing associate for Golden Scoop

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