Hank Joins the Marketing Team!

We like to keep everyone involved in the success of Golden Scoop, and Super Scooper Hank is rising to the occasion!  Eventually planning to take over the graphic design elements of this website, Hank is currently working on a presentation about his involvement at Golden Scoop, to be presented in a few weeks to a local sponsor.  We are excited to welcome Hank onto the Golden Scoop marketing team and to have the chance to expand our capabilities in creative graphic design — and also to allow yours truly to focus more fully on creative wordsmithing!  (shakes dusty chains in anticipation)

Kidding aside, Hank’s selection was no accident.  We have a program at Golden Scoop that aims to place interested employees into positions where they can develop new skills, such as my writing the company blog and designing many parts of the public website and also with Hank now joining the team with the goal of aiding our graphic design work.  It’s an exciting program that we hope will allow our talented employees to show off their skills and even develop new ones.

We look forward to working with Hank and mentoring him as he moves into this next exciting phase of his work at Golden Scoop!

Written by Ian Miller, marketing associate for Golden Scoop

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