It’s Singles Awareness Day! (Seriously, it’s a thing.)

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but did you know there is another special date celebrated the next day?  It’s called “Singles Awareness Day”, observed on February 15th each year.  It was created in 2001, by a high school student, who started it with some friends.  This rather tongue-in-cheek “holiday” celebrates, well, single people right after a holiday that focuses on couples.  After all, we like to be appreciated, too!  It’s not officially recognized and was originally started as a joke, but has since a bit more mainstream in recent years.

If you’re one of those lone swimmers in a vast sea (aren’t we all?), you’re not alone.  As published by the United States Census Bureau, nearly 46 percent of Americans report being uninvolved in a current relationship.  That’s nearly 117 million people, or about one out of three people over the age of 18.  So, perhaps you won’t be “celebrating” this day next year!  We can always hope, right?  crosses fingers

Single or not, our Super Scoopers know how to love and be loved, so come into the café today to share it with them!  Whether you grab a quick coffee, a cookie, or decide to brave a cold ice cream in February, we would love to see you in today.  Our Scoopers share their love with everyone and aren’t afraid to show it, so come enjoy the happy atmosphere today with us (and every other day, too).

So don’t despair your singlehood after watching all of the romantic, gooey-eyed couples yesterday!  After all, the person who loves you most is you.  So prepare a special dinner for yourself, light some candles, and settle in for a cozy, romantic evening with the person who gets you best: You!  We love you, too, so come into the café and enjoy the love our wonderful team will give right back!

Written by Ian Miller, Content Marketing Specialist for Golden Scoop

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