It’s Turkey Time Again!

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Today is Thanksgiving and at least one turkey at your table won’t have much to be thankful about.

Alongside our feathered friends will be mounds of stuffing, dishes of green bean casserole with crunchy onions, twice-baked sour cream cheesy potatoes, a few pumpkin and pecan pies… oh wait, I’m describing our typical Thanksgiving table.  Your family’s might be different.  Are you having turkey or ham?  Both?  Or something else entirely?  Will you have stuffing?  Potatoes?  Salad?  What desserts will you have?  I adore sweet potato pie and have dropped some pretty big hints, so some might grace our table this year.  (Crosses fingers.)

Mine is a big family, so there will be a lot of people sitting at our table today.  One year, we had seventeen!  It made the buffet line a bit chaotic, but we managed.  Yes, we usually have to arrange a buffet; trying to fill everyone’s plates at the table would be utter madness!  How many people do you usually have?  Do you have a “kid’s table” or is everyone together?  We usually did, but then everyone grew up and suddenly flinging mashed potatoes on your spoon wasn’t cool anymore.  When people are trying to talk about politics or whether Jenny from Real Housewives will tell Steve to stuff it in this week’s episode, it tends to put a bit of a damper on the conversation when you can’t hear because of sudden-onset mashedpotato-itis.

Whether your family is big or small, we all sit down together on the same day for a good quality meal.  That common unity is a good thing to be thankful for.  And as you dodge that spoonful of stuffing and cranberry sauce from the kids’ table, you can at least be thankful for your quick reflexes.

Written by Ian Miller, Content Marketing Specialist for Golden Scoop

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