It’s Valentine’s Day!


Free Love Letter Balloons and Red Rose Stock PhotoDo you have a special someone in mind today?  Love is in the air (or at least infatuation) and you’ve probably seen little chocolate hearts in stores since December 26th, to the point that you’re sick of them already.  (Any retail worker will understand immediately.)  So snuggle up to that special person and tell him or her you appreciate them!  Or perhaps a cup of peppermint hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows is more your style?  I would appreciate that…certainly right about now.  Prince (or Princess, I’m not picky when it comes to hot chocolate) Charming, where are you?

Oh, and we won the Super Bowl on Sunday, so that’s another reason to celebrate.  (And one reason I will not be going into work downtown today; most of the roads have been shut down for the parade.  Taylor Swift will sadly not be in attendance, though.  Sorry, Swifties.)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, why not come into the café to see our Super Scoopers?  They love to help out and share that love with the people who come in each day!  Show that Valentine’s Day love for the people you care about by supporting our Super Scoopers.  Come on in and grab a coffee, baked treat, or maybe even an ice cream!  Hey, it’s always a good time for ice cream, even when it’s cold out!  So come in, grab a seat and a spoon, and enjoy the joyful company of our amazing team.  Love is indeed in the air, and our Super Scoopers know just how to share it!

Written by Ian Miller, Content Marketing Specialist for Golden Scoop

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