KMBC Rob Hughes – The Golden Scoop Is Creating Job For Those With Developmental Disabilities

A couple of weeks ago, we received another call from a news anchor wanting to do a story on The Golden Scoop. We joked that maybe we aren’t really viral yet but that maybe we have a cough or a sneeze!

Rob Hughes with KMBC wanted to do a piece on us that really showcased the staggering unemployment rates for individuals with developmental disabilities. October is national developmental disability employment month – so the timing was perfect.

We set up on a zoom call in my house with an incredibly gifted and well-spoken Super Scooper named Lucy. Rob began asking questions and it quickly became clear that Lucy could and should carry the interview herself. Lucy did an amazing job of explaining her frustration at not being able to get a job despite that fact that she is smart and very capable. She also detailed her struggles growing up with people assuming that she couldn’t understand basic instructions. Lucy explained that she is excited to work at The Golden Scoop because she gets to choose what she wants to do and she can be with her peers. She ended the interview by simply stating “I am smart”. Lucy, we couldn’t agree more.

To see her moving interview click here.

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