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Ice Cream  

Single Scoop - $4.75 

Pint - $7.25 

Quart - $11.95  

Scooper Created Flavors 

Vanilla (GF)

Chocolate (GF)

Strawberry Jam Maker (GF)

Cookies and Cream 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Coffee (GF)  

Mint Chocolate Chip (GF) 

Dairy-Free Vanilla - Lucy’s 41 (GF)

Seasonal Super Scooper Additions  


Regular Smoothie - $5.95

Premium Smoothie - $6.50

*Add Protein Powder from  Zen Donkey Farms - $2.00

The Green Scoop (banana and spinach) 

The Red Scoop (mixed berry)  

Mixed Berry Blast (mixed berries and dates)

Baked Goods  

Brownies - $3.95 

Cinnamon Rolls - $3.95 (outsourced from Church of the Resurrection's Sonflower Bakery)

Cookies $2.50

Chocolate Chip (outsourced from Dialogue Coffee in Topeka, Kansas)   

Snickerdoodle (outsourced from Dialogue Coffee in Topeka, Kansas)


Muffins $3.25 

Blueberry with Cinnamon Crumb Topping  

Seasonal Super Scooper Additions

Coffees and Teas  


Assorted Teas


Chai Latte

Flavored Lattes (pumpkin spice (seasonal), peppermint (seasonal), vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, mocha, and caramel)

Hot Chocolate 

Scoop Events


Ice Cream Socials

January 28, 2025 - 6:00pm-8:30pm

SAVE THE DATE! Third Annual Trivia Night

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