Our One-Year Anniversary Was a Success!

As you can see from the title, we had a very successful day yesterday!  If you came to see us, thank you!  If you couldn’t make it, we appreciate the positive mental energy we know you sent our way.  You guys sure showed up in force!  We haven’t seen our café that crowded since Opening Day, with a line out the door from noon all the way to 5 PM!  Did you get here in time to grab a cup of our special “birthday cake”-doughnut ice cream?  (Sorry, it’s only for special occasions!  If you didn’t snag any, don’t be a slow-poke next time…just kidding…mostly.)  Our chef, Jesse Vega, Sr., created the tasty treat, which uses cake doughnut chunks mixed with sprinkles into our vanilla ice cream.  I think I may have even spotted some cake frosting on my spoon in between frenzied mouthfuls.  So good.

It wasn’t just the killer doughnut ice cream that drew the crowds to our cozy café, though.  We had a fabulous DJ mixing up a hopping playlist.  A face-painting artist set up shop outside, painting fantastic designs on dozens of happy faces.  (I’m sure bath-time was fun later.)  By the door, a balloon artist twisted up gigantic hats, swords, and flowers.  The occasional, heart-stopping BANG throughout the day really added a nice touch to the festive atmosphere.  Nothing like nearly spilling your cappuccino in your lap to keep you on your toes.

If you didn’t grab a few trinkets on the way out the door, you missed out!  All of our merchandise, from clothing to coffee mugs, was half-price all day.  I picked up a coconut-scented candle for my mom (her favorite candle scent) and a tall black mug for myself–you can never have too many, right?  Right…?  Anyway, they’ll still be there when you come by next time!  (Glares meaningfully at the merchandise tables.)

We’ll certainly be repeating this next year (it’s our birthday, after all), so if you didn’t make it this time, there’s always the next one.

See you at the café.

Written by Ian Miller, marketing associate for Golden Scoop

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