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If you drive into the L-shaped strip mall on the corner of 95th and Nall, you’ll find a little café called The Golden Scoop.  From the outside, it looks like any other ice cream shop.  We even have white tables and chairs set outside in warmer weather.  Step inside, however, and you will find yourself in a bright, airy space filled with loud chatter, laughter, and joy.  The employees, each wearing a colorful company shirt emblazoned with our distinctive logo, move about their work stations with purpose.  An employee stands at the counter by the front door, scooping ice cream.  Another mans the register and coffee station.  Others bake cookies and mix ice cream.  No matter what we’re doing, each employee has a smile on his or her face, and not just because we’re paid to.

Our unique name and company begins with a tale of two sisters.  Having worked with families of differently-abled people for 19 years, Lindsay Krumbholz saw a problem: Meaningful employment opportunities for differently-abled people were slim.  Coming across Bitty and Beau’s coffeeshop on the east coast, she found differently-abled people working there.  She then discovered Howdy Ice Cream in Dallas, Texas, also staffed by differently-abled people.  Wanting to bring the concept to Kansas City, she proposed a business idea to her sister, Amber Schreiber.  Why not combine the two?  Amber agreed to begin this fun adventure and the two sisters started planning.  While drawing up the plan for their new business, Lindsay led a dancing group called The Golden Stars.  Made up of differently-abled individuals, The Golden Stars regularly met to have dinner, talk to friends, and of course, dance.

While attending one of these dinners, Lindsay told the group about her plan for an ice cream café.  “Well, we are The Golden Stars, why not call it The Golden Scoop?” one member chimed in.  With the creation of our name, the final pieces fell into place and, in December 2019, The Golden Scoop was formally incorporated.  Most of the members of that group became The Golden Scoop’s first employees.  The café received its tax determination letter to begin fundraising in May 2020 and in September 2020, we announced our new location at 9540 Nall Avenue on 41 Action News with Charlie Keegan.  Our café struggled to obtain grants and loans because it was not yet established enough.  However, after we publicly announced our location, people started to take us seriously and loved the idea.

On December 3rd, Giving Tuesday, we received our first grant of $25,000 from the Veterans United Foundation.  Then, in January 2021, we received a generous family donation of $50,000 to fund employee payrolls.  Finally, we received a training grant to cover all training expenses up to our Grand Opening date of April 14th.  The Golden Scoop opened to the public on April 14th, 2021.

Written by Ian Miller, Marketing Associate for Golden Scoop


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