Ice Cream  

Single Scoop - $4.25 

Pint - $6.95 

Quart - $11.95  

Scooper Created Flavors 

Vanilla (GF)

Chocolate (GF)

Strawberry Jam Maker (GF)

Golden Crunch (Cinnamon Toast Crunch)

Cookies and Cream 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Coffee (GF)

Turtle Chocolate with Pecans  

Mint Chocolate Chip (GF) 

Dairy-Free Vanilla - Lucy’s 41 (GF)

Seasonal Super Scooper Additions  


Regular Smoothie - $4.95

Premium Smoothie - $5.50

*Add Protein Powder - $2.00

The Green Scoop (banana and spinach) 

The Red Scoop (mixed berry)  

Mixed Berry Blast (mixed berries and dates)

Baked Goods  

Brownies - $3.95 

Cinnamon Rolls - $2.95 (outsourced from Church of the Resurrection's Sonflower Bakery)

Cookies $2.50

Chocolate Chip (outsourced from Dialogue Coffee in Topeka, Kansas)   

Snickerdoodle (outsourced from Dialogue Coffee in Topeka, Kansas)


Muffins $2.95 

Blueberry with Cinnamon Crumb Topping  

Seasonal Super Scooper Additions

Coffees and Teas  


Assorted Teas


Chai Latte

Flavored Lattes (pumpkin spice (seasonal), peppermint (seasonal), vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, mocha, and caramel)

Hot Chocolate 

Scoop Events


Ice Cream Socials

The Latest Scoop

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