Ice Cream

Single Scoop - $4.25 

Pint - $6.95

Quart - $11.95


This old favorite is a timeless crowd-pleaser. Sometimes, basic is best; who needs all of those other, fancy flavors, anyway? Grab a spoon and tuck into a bite of simple, old-fashioned goodness.

Old-Fashioned Vanilla (GF)


Our creamy chocolate ice cream was designed by Super Scooper Charlie. You can find him on our “Meet the Scoopers” page on our website...or just visit him in the café!

Charlie's Chocolate (GF)


This old classic is given a new twist with our fresh strawberry-basil jam thickly swirled into our strawberry ice cream. Sample a taste of summer. Pairs nicely with our mocha-flavored latte.

Our Father Was a (Strawberry) Jam-Maker (GF)


It is a known fact of the universe that mint is complimented well by chocolate. For our resident mint-lovers, our mint chocolate chip is sure to please. Come down and grab a spoon!

Mint Chocolate Chip (GF)


Whoever was the genius that first paired a cookie with ice cream deserves a prime eternal seat on Mount Olympus. This classic Oreos-and-vanilla combination is a slam-dunk crowd favorite.

Cookies and Cream


We all know that eating the leftover bits of unbaked dough is the best part of making cookies. Now there’s no longer a need to sneak the spoon out of the bowl when Mom isn’t looking!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Turtle ice cream is one of those combinations where everything just clicks. We start with Charlie’s Chocolate, stir in chopped pecans and crumbled brownie pieces, and serve you a delicious treat that might just send you into a chocolate overdose.

Turtle Chocolate with Pecans


What do you do when it’s too hot outside to drink coffee? Use a spoon instead! Our coffee ice cream is a great addition to one of our warm cinnamon rolls.

Coffee (GF)


This dairy-free vanilla frozen dessert is as health-conscious as it is tasty! Designed by our very own Super Scooper Lucy, it’s the perfect cold treat for the lactose-intolerant. Made with oat milk and coconut milk, it’s something to be savored.

Lucy's 41 (dairy-free vanilla) (GF)


Cereal and milk are a great combination, so cereal and our cinnamon-vanilla ice cream must be even better, right? As a bonus, we’ll give you some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to stir into it! Pair it with another breakfast classic, the cappuccino.

Golden Crunch


“Hey, Jude…” Beatles fan or not, you’ll love this rum-flavored ice cream that’s a perfect summer treat. Our vanilla ice cream is given a tipsy twist with rum added to the mix prior to freezing, and then we add cubes of buttery rum-cake! This isn’t one for the kids, but it might be just right for you.

Jude's Rum Cake


At The Golden Scoop, being employee of the month means more than just having your name on the wall. Selected employees design a custom flavor with our resident chef, which is then displayed for the month. Ingredients vary; ask at the register.

Super Scooper's "Flavor of the Month"

Baked Goods


There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie, especially with a cup of milk (ask for it at the register, we have several different kinds). Have a taste of this old favorite, served fresh every day.

Chocolate Chip Cookie - $2.50


The simplicity of the basic sugar cookie is what makes it so good. Dip it in a cup of our creamy hot chocolate or just pair it with a cup of milk.

Sugar Cookie - $2.50


This soft cookie is best served warm, its creamy caramel chips melting deliciously into the cinnamon dough. Guaranteed to delight with every bite! It’s one of our best-sellers! If you can snag one fresh out of the oven, you’ll never taste a better cookie.

Snickerdoodle Cookie with Caramel Chips - $2.50



A gooey cinnamon roll makes for an excellent breakfast. Try one warm and dripping with icing (we regret to inform the customer that dry-cleaning is at their own expense). Our cinnamon rolls are made at Sonflower Bakery, located at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.

Cinnamon Roll - $2.95


Those aren’t muffins. We bake our brownies large, so you can have more of that rich chocolate you crave. Pairs nicely with a cup of milk or perhaps a hot chocolate, if you’re seeking a swift chocolate nirvana.

Brownie - $3.95


Our light and fluffy blueberry muffin is topped with a delicious cinnamon crumble that melts in your mouth. You’ll be asking for a second within seconds. Best served warm with a cup of milk.

Blueberry Muffin with Cinnamon Crumble - $2.95


Coffee and Drinks

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Large - 16oz

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Premium - $5.50

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